Logo Design by  Photoshop

Software Selection

Perfect Software Selection Is important to get a perfect logo for using on a different area

There are much software to design a logo. But we need good software because logo is the brand identity of any company and this logo would used in different media as the identity of that company. A logo will use at websites, besides that logo will use at billboard also. So you need good resolution of your logo so that you can use it anywhere in any size.

Adobe Photoshop is a very popular Logo making software that is widely used or very known as a photo editing tool. But the latest versions of photoshop are very easy to work with and offering multiple functions. So, people can now get a good logo without any tension of resolution distortion. And not only logo, you can design any of your graphic with that software. So anybody who have small idea about photoshop they can use it for any graphic purpose.

This tutorial will help you to design a floral lettering logo with help of photoshop. Lets start to design step by step:

Mar 30–Aug 16, 2019

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Step 1

Open your software

Open Adobe Photoshop. You can download it from adobe store, I am using adobe photoshop CC 2019 version for this work, but you can use any because processes are almost same.

Step 2

Create a New Document

Then take a new document. Click on “create new”.  Generally for a logo you can take 1000*1000px artboard. And can keep the color mode in RGB if you are going to use that logo only on your website but remember if you are going to print your logo then the color mode should be in CMYK. And for logo design we don’t need any bleed area.

Step 3

Start Designing

We will design a letter logo , and it will be a floral logo. So for this we will take the letter we want to design. For mine I am taking F as the word “floral starts with F. To write the letter first select text (T) option from the toolbar you are seeing at the left side. Then write your desired letter, to select a good font and perfect size and to give it a color you have to open your character panel from window (window is on the top toolbar.

Step 4

Add desired things 

Now place the floral image that you made or you have collected.

Step 5

Organize things

Set the image at your desired place and give the letter a good color. Try to pick color from the image you just brought, it will help you to find out a nice color immediately, also it will maintain harmony in design.

Step 6

Is it what you had in mind

Make a copy of the flower layer by pressing ctrl J from your keyboard. 

Step 7

Need more 

I drag the old flower layer (that was above my text layer)  to the left side of my letter , and I did it clipping mask . To do clipping mask , right click on the layer and choose “create clipping mask”. By the way, design is all yours , you can make it however you want it, I am just teaching you some tools and proceses.

Step 8

Perfect placement of  things make your logo nice

After clipping mask you will get something like this, now you can  rotate and resize the flower to get some good parts of the flower on your letter. To resize and rotate click ctrl T on that later , now right click and choose transform.

Step 9

Add Some Details

Now I took a new layer and select pen tool from toolbar and drawing some shapes to add some details on my letter “F”.

Step 10

Shadows create variation on your artwork

Every shapes drawn by pen tool create a new layer automatically. Just draw and then you can group them by pressing ctrl G from the keyboard , it will make your work easy. I gave these shapes a deeper color than my text so that they worked like shadows and the letter got a 3D look. Don’t forget to bring these layer under the flower layers.

Step 11

Background is important

I would like to use a nice background color so that my logo vibrant . To add background color i click on adjustment layer from footer of my layer option and choose solid color and gave my desired color from color palette. 


Though we will save our logo in a transparent format , we are taking this background just to check on which color our logo will look better so that we can suggest our stationary designer and developer some good colors.

Step 12

Saving File

Save your logo in different versions that you might need on many areas. I generally save my files in PNG, JPG, PDF and EPS format for my clients so that they can use the logo everywhere without any trouble.

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