Logo design in Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is used for logo design. Especially when you need a logo for any printing material, they will ask for vector file or the source file of the logo. There are tons of materials online as a tutorial for logo design in illustrator. Logo in hours, a houston logo design service, pleased to share ideas on how to design its own logo using adobe illustrator.

Adobe illustrator logo design tutorials for beginners

If you are looking for our assistance to design your logo or to convert your logo in vector, we are more than happy to assist. We are experts in designing high-resolution, memorable, and unique logos that help to build a brand for your business or get your website noticed. 

Logo design is a very important part of branding, this is a part that makes a brand recognizable by a simple icon or a simple font. A unique, attractive, meaningful logo values a lot for any company. The logo is the visual presentation of branding used by graphic designers, which means logo talks about the company’s goal and services. A logo may consist of an icon, the company name, and its tagline. A logo may be a mascot too. A logo can be just the initials of the full company name. Whatever the logo consists of, it should be meaningful to general people.


We are thinking to provide a series of logo design tutorials so that you got some idea about the different types of logos as well as how a logo built.


Today we will make a logo with a simple circle. Though it’s a simple circle but seeing every step and the final logo (you can see the last image of that blog) , you will know many things today. Today we will make a fish shape first as we are aiming to companies that dealt with the fishing related item or direct fishes. Let’s get started.

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Planning to design own business LOGO!

We have seen many clients who often try to use online free logo makers and some might be experts in Adobe Illustrator. We want to educate you, how you make your own logo, indeed, if you are 100% satisfied.


Logo Design in Illustrator

Step 1

Need Adobe Illustrator, online software, to make your own logo. It’s a logo making tool…

Open Adobe Illustrator. It is the popular software to design the logo. You can get the software from https://www.adobe.com/

Step 2

Need to start by taking a new file

Then take a new document. Generally, for a logo you can take 1000*1000px artboard. And can keep the color mode in RGB if you are going to use that logo only on your website but remember if you are going to print your logo then the color mode should be in CMYK.

Step 3

Now the game starts from here. 

Take a circle, you can take any size of the circle . By holding shift you will get a perfect circle. You need to have knowledge on colors. Let’s try using this https://color.adobe.com/create

Step 4

Play around with concept

Now holding alter key from the keyboard we will drag that circle so that we can get a copy of the same circle we already have.

Step 5

Need more things to do with circles

I copied the same circle once more like the following circle. So now we have 3 circles.

Step 6

Stand up your concept by playing with shapes

I am coping the circle again so that we can get an area to make the the fish tail.

Step 7

Cutting and Adding

Now select all the circles and take shape builder tool from the tool bar.

Step 8

Desired shape came out

Pressing alter key drag your mouse on the parts that you want to delete (see attched image – part A). Then you will get something like  this (see attched image part B) after deleting all unnecessary area.

Step 9

Now Rotate

Now just select the shapes you have after cutting and click ctrl+g to group them all and rotate it as per your need. At B side if you notice , i reflected the shape (right click on item, choose reflect from transform).

Step 10

Work on details

I took a circle of the same size as I took previously . you can take it at first when you are taking all circles or just follow how am I doing. And then select all shapes and delet the extra part of that circle using shape builder tool. And group the shapes.

Step 11

Coloring give things life

With direct selection tool select each part of the fish and give colors to them from the color pallet , you can get this color palette from window option. If you want to use exactly same colors as mine then  here are the color codes I used: light blue #80BDE7, deep blue # 5677B9

Step 12

Something missing, right?

I want to add a mouth type shape on the fish to add some detail. So selecting pen tool from the tool bar I draw a shape.

Step 13

Now we have a nice fish icon

Now with shape builder tool I delete extra things and got this.

Step 14

Its time to beautify

Select everything and make the strokes smooth following this image:

Step 15

Company Name and Tagline

Now select text tool from toolbar and type your texts and choose a nice font from the character palate. If you don’t have character palate then activate it from window option. I used lato font , You can download it from google fonts, there you will get the full font family of lato.

Step 16

Colorize the text

Give the texts one or two colors as you want. I took the deep blue from the fish (#5677B9) and a light grey (#505456) for the tagline . Color is very important for a logo design. Try to limit your design in 2 or 3 colors for your logo.

Step 17

Here you go…….

we tried three orientation for the same logo so that my client can select the one he like most.

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