Logo Colours

Little things matter. When designing a logo and putting a color code on it, one might not be aware that colors play an important part in the logo but it really does. It attracts the customer and increases the chance of popularity. Colors, in fact, spread happiness around. Today, we can see that most logos are simple yet colorful. One must always test different colors while they are trying to finalize one. It is very important that one sits with a team of people and brainstorm ideas as well. 


Color psychology plays a huge role in branding. This is the study of colors, color tones and their effects on the human reflex. If one studies, color psychology well before putting in or adding colors to the logo, then one will definitely be able to achieve well in branding and marketing. The right type of color also attracts the customer and helps in bigger sales. It is better late than never to start learning about color psychology if one is planning on designing a logo. 


The following are some of the most important things while choosing a color for the logo that one has designed:

Let us now look at different colors and how they have been used and can be used by one. The following are the colors and their usage:

  1. Yellow and Gold: Yellow is a very vibrant color and a bright one. It can give one feelings of joy, amusement, confidence and optimism. This might not be the case in all people but for most people, it would imply that. It can easily grab the attention of people and spread a positive vibe. One must be careful not to overuse the color in the logo.

Gold is a color that can be used for logos that is branding jewelries, fashion, luxury brands and beauty products. This color usually symbolizes wealth, victory, wisdom and luxury. 

Some of the famous brands that have used this colour in their logo are Cadbury, Forever 21, Chevrolet, McDonalds, and many more.

  1. Orange: Orange is also a vibrant color and it depicts warmth, energy, creativity, youth and happiness. It directly calls the customer or the user in due to its vibe. Sometimes, it can also be related to religion such as Buddhism and Hinduism as this color is mostly seen in usage in these religion with garlands, prayer flags, etc.
  2. Red: This color can be either of great positivity or of great negativity on the choice of the audience. It shows things like strength, passion, compassion but it also is a sign of war, blood, terror and danger. It catches the eye of audience much faster than any other color but it should be used in a proper manner. Using combinations of red with black and white goes very well. Famous brands like coca- cola, kit Kat, KFC are successful and renowned because of their logo.
  3. Green: It is a color of nature, greenery and relaxation. It depicts the idea of harmony, peace and also wealth. This color can best go with companies that are promoting eco- friendly things and for eco- friendly shops. Some of the brands that have used the color green are Android, Starbucks, Landover and there are many more.

Along with color, there are other things that need to be taken care of while designing the logo as well. The theme and color code must match with the idea of the company or the market. It is very important to study the color psychology as it helps a lot in branding and marketing. Colors can affect most human beings and how they see things. Color testing can be done using various applications and tools such as Adobe Photoshop, light room and other different online and offline platforms. 

Departments & Directors

  1. Some of the most common colors that the famous brands in the world have used are blue, green, red, yellow, black, silver and gold. It would be nice if the one who is designing could work around these colors as well. 
  2. The logo looks simple yet attractive if one can minimize the use of color, which means not more than two colors in the logo would make it look better. Some of the examples of the brands that are popular are of Nike, Coca- Cola, Pepsi, Oreo, Adidas and there are many more.
  3. One should decide if they want to use the text in their logo or just want the logo to look like a symbol, or both in their logo. Most people tend to combine both the texts and the symbol in their logo. 
  4. Colors that give positive vibe and goes with the text of the logo would be a peace for the eye. 
  5. If one is a new logo designer or working for a new brand, then it is definitely not fine to take risks and play with different colors. 
  6. Always make sure that the color and the texts are not affecting any kind of culture or people.
  7. Best logo designs can help one a lot in promoting and marketing and also with the attraction of people.

What is Simple Logo

  • People can easily remember color scheme used in the Logo
  • Normally takes 20 to 30 minutes for the initial design
  • Nike logo can be an example which is simply a swoosh, 
  • Almost like a simple so that Customers can instantly recognize
  • You can get it at $10.00 ( if it takes only 30minutes), if from ready design, otherwise, it will cost a minimum $20.00
  • Smart for any small business

What is Complex Logo

  • Combination of different elements 
  • Examples –Starbucks, Heineken Beers.
  • The complexity of the design
  • Customers may ask for different types of logo for a single company.
  • It can include text and images as well
  • Requires to make extra marketing efforts to express the meaning
  • You can get this type of logo in Hour once your budget starts from $50.00 

Live LOGO Design

  • A designer will be in online LIVE with you
  • You will place idea, designers will start design
  • Check the design and do corrections
  • Implement your thinking right away
  • No more waiting and logo ready..here you go….
  • Charge starts from $30 ( for each 30 Min)