Graphic Design & LOGO Design Concept 


Graphic design in today’s world is one of the most important sources to communicate with the audience. Graphics illustration is in human nature since we can trace this pattern back to humans who used to live in caves. We can see many different visual arts of people who used to live in caves. So, let’s begin with a brief history of graphics.


What is Graphics Designing Today:

If we talk about today’s graphics design, it is so advanced as it is used in early ages. Today, graphic designers do graphic design through different gadgets and software that are available in the market. Graphics designer use their skills by designing Facebook banners, Flyers, business cards, and other stationaries, billboards designing, cloth wear designing, and many more.

Today, where ever we see, there isn’t a single place we can’t find a single business or ad company working without a graphic designer. It is a key department in every company. The graphic designer’s demand is gradually increasing. As the graphic designer demand increases their pay also increases with a comparison of graphic design skills.

Modern graphic design skills lead the animation world to increase its quality. Through graphic design, we create 2D and 3D characters also by adding different colors. Through graphic design, hand made animated movies also can be made using tablets. Hand-drawn animation also can be done nowadays which is so fascinating to watch. The graphic design tool must be up to date. They must have properties to perform every task which are requirements in the current market. The best tools for graphic design are listed below. You can use any tool according to your requirements.

Skills required for graphic designing:

If your mind thinks like an artist and you love to draw, sketch, or to put bright colors on objects then graphic designing is best for you. To do graphic designing you just need to think uniquely from others. You must have a creative mind and to put every detail in your design. If you want to earn easy money, you must learn graphic designing skills. Graphic designing skills can be learned easily there is no rocket science in it. Here, we will provide you skills required for graphic designing. So, let’s begin.


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  1. Communication:In every job, communication skills play an important role. In graphic design, communication also plays an important role. Through communication, graphic designers express their ideas. You have to explain your designs to companies or clients. So, you must have good communication skills. You must confidently give presentations to companies or clients so that they can understand your idea easily.


  1. Creative ideas: If you want that clients or company love your designs you must provide creative ideas. You have to think uniquely from others and provide great designs. You have to focus on the details of the designs. Your designs need to look appealing to clients or company you are working for. 
  1. Technology/Software skills: If you want to become a successful graphic designer you must have great skills in different software. A graphic designer must know to use today’s worlds’ technology. If you have to design posters, business cards, flyers, or logo you must learn software like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, or any other similar software.

If you want to design websites, you have to familiar with HTML5 and CSS.


  1. Typography: In graphics designing, handwriting is not important. However, your digital writing needs to be appealing. Graphic designers must have good command in using fonts. They must be easily readable to customers. They must know what type of color tone needs to be used in fonts. Graphic designers need to be familiar with fonts line-height, word spacing, sizing of fonts. 


  1. Image transformation: Nowadays, graphic designers also gain skills in image editing. They must know the tools that are used to edit images. Graphic designers must learn basic image editing skills like image retouching and enhancements, cropping, removing spots, changing size. The tools through which they learn are Adobe Photoshop(Ps) and Adobe Lightroom(Lr).

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What is the logo:

Logos today are created with text and images. A logo identifies brands and companies. Logos also helps us to identifies what services we are providing. A good logo tells the vision behind any brand.

Different elements can be used to create a good logo which includes typography, images, colors.

Logo separates your company and brand from your competitor’s companies and brand. If you have a good and sharp logo you can grow faster as compared to your competitor’s fellows.

The logo must describe your services providing. If you are running a software house your logo must have an image related to tech. if you are running greenhouse your logo colors must include green colors.

Your company and brand are recognized by the logo. Your logo needs to eye-catchy. So that your company name pops up in a customer’s mind as soon as he/she sees your logo. Famous brands can be recognized easily if we only see their logo.

Process of Logo Design:

There can be a different process to create a graphic logo. Every graphic designer takes different steps to design a graphic logo. Here we will tell our procedure to create a graphic logo.


  1. Understanding of Brand:It is important to understand the client brand. You have to design a logo according to the service providing by your client. You have to clearly understand the client brand to give first impression good to customers.


  1. Examine Industry: After understanding the brand, you have to examine the industry. Search for the similar competitor’s industries and understand their logo. See what type of logo they are using.ustry you will get the information on what kind of logo you are going to design. You will have all the information which needs to be used in their logo. Then you can design a more accurate logo for the client. 
  1. Mind Mapping/Different styles of logo: Now you have complete information about the brand to create a graphic logo. In this part, you have to start brainstorming. You must design a rough design of the logo in rough. Select different keywords that will be used in a logo. You must sketch different designs of a logo which later on you will give a final touch. 
  1. Design logo on Software: Now you have a different rough design of your logo. Its time that you take the best design of your logo and start creating on software. In this part, you can check for the colors and font styles for the logo. Here your logo will proceed to the final phase. 
  1. Get Feedback on Logo: Here comes an interesting part, to get feedback on the design of your logo. It is obvious for every designer that he/she approves his/her design. However, you must get feedback from others on your graphic logo. You have to show your design logo to your friends, employees working with you, client for which you have designed the logo. There will be always some mistakes that you ignored while creating the logo. It is good practice for graphic designers that they must show their logo designs to other people. 
  1. Delivery of Your Logo: After getting feedback and finalizing the logo its time for delivery. You must deliver the logo with given files and formats that are requested by the clients. And it gives a good impression to the client if you deliver your logo before the deadline.






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