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  • Highest Quality files: JPG, GIF, PNG, AI etc.

  • 100% uniqueness guaranteed

Construction Logo

SL: 153 | $25

Construction Logo

SL: 154 | $25

Construction Logo

SL: 155 | $25

Construction Logo

SL: 156 | $25

Construction Logo

SL: 157 | $25

Construction Logo

SL: 158 | $25

Construction Logo

SL: 159  | $25

Construction Logo

SL: 160 | $25

Construction Logo

SL: 161 | $25

Construction Logo

SL: 162 | $25

Construction Logo

SL: 163 | $25

Construction Logo

SL: 164| $25

Live Discussion with LIVE Designers. let’s Understand the business and purpose to convert the concept into design.

Let’s have some discussion.

About Us…how it works

Small business owners often get some instant ideas to develop business and may need a LOGO right away to implement creative thinking. It’s not always easy to find a graphic designer or  entrepreneur may not get enough time to figure out the tools used for designing business logo , wehther it is for family medicine or construction business logo or even any other small business logo. Again, once designed, it may be require additional changes in colours or format, therefore, need someone to assist until you are well set. This is the thinking worked behind the concept of LOGO IN HOURS.This concept has been developed by WEVTEC registered in Houston, TX. Just place your logo and colour ideas, live designers will make your LOGO or even you can plan for PREMIUM LOGO which requires extra time to do research of the industry, check the competitors logo, implement the owners conept and provide three possible options to select your one.

Dedicated Graphic Designer 

Emergency LOGO design

Designing Marketing Materials 

What is Simple Logo

  • People can easily remember color scheme used in the Logo
  • Normally takes 20 to 30 minutes for the initial design
  • Nike logo can be an example which is simply a swoosh, 
  • Almost like a simple so that Customers can instantly recognize
  • You can get it at $10.00 ( if it takes only 30minutes), if from ready design, otherwise, it will cost a minimum $20.00
  • Smart for any small business

What is Complex Logo

  • Combination of different elements 
  • Examples –Starbucks, Heineken Beers.
  • The complexity of the design
  • Customers may ask for different types of logo for a single company.
  • It can include text and images as well
  • Requires to make extra marketing efforts to express the meaning
  • You can get this type of logo in Hour once your budget starts from $50.00 

Live LOGO Design

  • A designer will be in online LIVE with you
  • You will place idea, designers will start design
  • Check the design and do corrections
  • Implement your thinking right away
  • No more waiting and logo ready..here you go….
  • Charge starts from $30 ( for each 30 Min)

Let’s Explore More

Brand & Identity

Design Logo + Business Card+ Letter Head + Gift Item + Broshure- Basic Package- $100.00

Vector Tracing ($15)

Company Profile ($40+)

Trifold Brochure Design ($20+)

Clothing ($20+)

Live Design in Houston