Custom Logo Design

Logo in Hours developed the quickest concept for designing stand-out logos in real quick. When you will reach us in Houston, though physical attendance at our Houston or Sugar Land offices, or even by email or Phone, we will take your business name and dream idea to develop the concept. We provide a couple of concepts for your business logo so that you can select your one.  Small business owners are sometimes confused about the logo colours or custom logo design ideas. In that case, we give an option. They can select any concept we develop for them. It comes real quick as our senior graphic designers are always committed to coming with custom logo design concepts with hours. 

Designing Process with Feedback and Reviews

Our experience tells that, whenever we design any custom logo for a small business like moving company or doctor’s clinic. In case, they don’t have any presumed thinking about their logo. Then it gets a couple of back and forth. We have the patience to work until creative custom logo design doesn’t come out and you are fully satisfied. Even it may take one or more days. Clients are relaxed as they are seeing the design logo concept through text message or email. We often have seen frequent feedback for construction logo design When it comes to their mind, yes it is the right logo, we are looking for. Our designers than can stop work and start preparing the final files. 

Designing Service for Custom Logo

Any provider worth their salt should have a range of testimonials and an extensive portfolio. Ask for contact details for previous clients, and be very clear about your expectations. Look through the design portfolio at the designs they have made, ask them what the client specification was.

Sr. Graphic Designers Experienced in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator

In order to convert the idea into a dream design instantly, we developed this concept. Our Sr. designers have designed 200+ high-resolution custom logos so that anyone can find their preferred logo. When anyone selects any logo, we just take off the same from our list or mark as SOLD. This is to ensure the uniqueness of the LOGO. We would appreciate having your concept of how you want your logo to be designed. The message, which should be communicated through your Logo? Or Any specific type of graphical element would you want to see in your logo? All Premium logos are original vector LOGO. Convertible to any size without the loss of quality. Highest Quality files: JPG, GIF, PNG, AI etc.  are prepared by designing tools  Adobe Illustrator  or Adobe Photoshop Provided Source file will help to open the files with that software in case someday you want to change something with another designer 

Start-Up Package-Custom Logo Design

5 Concepts. Turnaround Time: 1-2 days

100% custom logo design. Original concepts. Unlimited design revisions until you are 100% satisfied. Fast direct support (via) phone/chat/email. No hidden costs or surprises (all costs upfront). Free lifetime file storage & access to files. Full ownership rights of your logo design upon completion. Final design sent via email in multiple file formats – as require

$90  to $150

Custom Logo Design Packages

These days, a logo design package should include a lot more than just the logo in a whole range of formats. It should also include stylized business card designs, letterheads, email sign-offs and more, for a complete business image overhaul. Consider revamping your menus, publicity, and even interior design to fit in with your new custom logo.


So there you have it: custom logo designs are super important for brand image and for customer retention. Your logo should be omnipresent in all parts of your business, and elements of your logo (like color scheme and font) should be reflected throughout. Choosing the right way to create your logo can be a tricky business, as is choosing the provider. Just remember to always be faithful to your personality and what your business offers.



  • High-Resolution Logo for Business

  • All logos are original vector LOGO, and convertible to any size without the loss of quality.

  • Highest Quality files: JPG, PNG, PDF.

    Unlimited Revision until satisfaction

  • Modification delivery time will be 12 to 24 hours

  • How To Get Logo: Select your Logo , let us know your code no, make payment with Paypal or other secured ways, get ready your logo.

Minimalist Logo

SL: 1001 | $25

Symbolic Logo

SL: 1002 | $25

Minimalist Logo

SL: 1003 | $25

Symbolic Logo

SL: 1004 | $25

Typography Logo

SL: 1021 | $15

Text Based Logo

SL: 1022 | $15

Typeface Logo

SL: 1023 | $15

3D Logo

SL: 1024 | $15

Symbolic Logo

SL: 1005 | $25

Symbolic Logo

SL: 1009 | $25

Symbolic Logo

SL: 1006 | $25

Vintage Logo

SL: 1010 | $25

Typography Logo

SL: 1007 | $25

Iconic Logo

SL: 1011 | $25

Restaurant Logo

SL: 1008 | $25

Symbolic Logo

SL: 1012 | $25

Symbolic Logo

SL: 1013 | $25

Typographic Logo

SL: 1014 | $25

3D Logo

SL: 1015 | $25

Iconic Logo

SL: 1016 | $25

Typographic Logo

SL: 1017 | $25

3D Logo

SL: 1018 | $25

Typographic Logo

SL: 1019 | $25

3D Logo

SL: 1020 | $25

Symbolic Logo

SL: 1025 | $25

Iconic Logo

SL: 1026 | $25

Iconic Logo

SL: 1027 | $25

Symbol Based Logo

SL: 1028 | $25

Illustrated Logo

SL: 1029 | $25

Symbolic Logo

SL: 1030 | $25

Minimalist Logo

SL: 1031 | $25

Symbolic Logo

SL: 1032 | $25

Typographic Logo

SL: 1033 | $25

DayCare Logo

SL: 1034 | $25

Medical Logo

SL: 1035 | $25

Housing Logo

SL: 1036 | $25

Corporate Logo

SL: 1037 | $25

Construction Logo

SL: 1038 | $25

Icon Based Logo

SL: 1039 | $25

Logo with Initials

SL: 1040 | $25

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Small business owners often get some instant ideas to develop business and may need a LOGO right away to implement creative thinking. It’s not always easy to find a graphic designer or entrepreneur who may not get enough time to figure out the tools used for designing a business logo , whether it is for family medicine or construction business logo or even any other small business logo. Again, once designed, it may require additional changes in colors or format, therefore, need someone to assist until you are well set. This is the thinking worked behind the concept of LOGO IN HOURS, with a set of ready logos.This concept has been developed by WEVTEC registered in Houston, TX. Just place your logo and color ideas, live designers will make your LOGO or even you can plan for PREMIUM LOGO which requires extra time to do research of the industry, check the competitor’s logo, implement the owners concept and provide three possible options to select your one.

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